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History of Latin Language Stack Exchange

How old is this site? What are the major milestones in its history?
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Latin Language Stack Exchange graduates!

Our site, Latin Language Stack Exchange, loses its beta status and graduates to a full site on December 16th, 2021. Congratulations everyone, and many thanks for your commitment to our site and the ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Graduate Latin Language SE from beta status (now with answer!)

I've been a member of the Latin Language SE for while now, and have been wondering if it's time for the board to graduate from its status as a beta. In my time here, I've observed that it gets regular ...
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Acta Diurna: Latin site, code of conduct, and Stack Exchange

Cari Amici, There has been an unprecedented amount of turmoil in the Stack Exchange network recently, and we wanted to share some of the developments with you. We will keep this brief; you can follow ...
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What are the relevant proposed SE sites on Area 51?

Area 51 is a part of the Stack Exchange network where new SE sites are born. A site has to go through several stages before being launched, and having an active community is an important ingredient in ...
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No association bonus?

Does the Latin Stack Exchange not give an association bonus for having a high reputation on other SE sites? I'm not particularly concerned on a personal level, but I do wonder if that's intentional ...
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Do we want hats? (2016)

The annual winter bash is coming! This is an event from December 19 to January 8, and users can gain hats for achieving certain goals — similarly to badges. The hats can be used to to decorate ...
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13 votes
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Please support the Area 51 Proposal for Greek! We need ≥ 400 avid users

Click here to support the 4th try! For the record, here's the 1st attempt by someone else and my 2nd, 3rd attempt by me.
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