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Indicates you've found an erroneous or unexpected behaviour in the system that needs to be fixed.

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Mismatch between draft and published table if no newline above table

Problem When formatting a table for a post, there is a mismatch between the draft preview and the published version. In the draft, if there is no newline ahead of the table, the table still looks ...
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1 answer

Number of questions in "genus" and "gender" tags - bug?

There seem to be two tags for questions related to gender: genus and gender. They are also tag synonymous. However, then one is typing "genus" as a tag, it states 15 questions have that tag. When you ...
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No association bonus?

Does the Latin Stack Exchange not give an association bonus for having a high reputation on other SE sites? I'm not particularly concerned on a personal level, but I do wonder if that's intentional ...
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Can we have a 16×16 favicon that does not look like “Lo.”?

Our 16×16 favicon looks like this: . Here is a zoom: My eyes read this as Lo., and not as La, as it was probably intended. Can we please have the pixels tweaked to achieve something that looks more ...
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