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Are culture questions on-topic?
12 votes

From the definition phase of Latin’s mixed up with almost everything in Western civilization Latin is important because it's intertwined with a lot of things historically, ...

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Should all-Latin answers be permitted?
Accepted answer
10 votes

Write your answer in a way that you think would be most helpful for the person who asked the question. That's how it works on all StackExchange sites. As for whether to answer in all English, all ...

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Should questions about modern Latin be permitted?
9 votes

Yes Part of the joy of Latin is participating in a tradition that has lasted over 2,000 years, and that includes extending the tradition to the present day. If you're writing an article on the Latin ...

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Should all-Latin questions be permitted?
8 votes

Profecto Latine rogare licet! Let there be no doubt:     Questions and answers in Latin are permitted, welcome, and encouraged! You need no special reason to express your question in Latin: you ...

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Should our tags be in Latin?
7 votes

Yes I think naming the tags in Latin is a great idea! It's an easy, convenient way to pick up a little more Latin by using it rather than just talking about it. Happily, people just starting Latin ...

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Are requests for (grammatical) made-up Latin words/phrases on-topic?
4 votes

Certainly! Here's a sample question from the definition phase of's proposal: I just discovered a new species of dust mite. It's found in Peru, is shaped like a shamrock, ...

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How to elucidate: How did I misunderstand the Latin 'consisto' in interpreting 'X consists in Y.'?
1 votes

Indeed the question is based on a false premise: a misunderstanding of the English phrase "consist in". I think this is a case where an error leads to insight, which would likely not be explored if we ...

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Should site policy require that all-Latin questions also include an English translation?
0 votes

No, and please don't add them If you're participating on this site, you probably like language. And if you're studying Latin, you probably really like elegant, economical use of language. And so, if ...

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