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10 votes
1 answer

Should we standardize macrons for long vowels or allow users to mark long vowels with apices?

The macron is the standard way these days to mark long vowels: ā ē ī ō ū And the story is that we started using them once we stopped speaking Latin all the time and forgot where the long vowels ...
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9 votes
4 answers

Should we encourage or discourage the use of macrons?

Should the use of macrons be encouraged, discouraged or just accepted? Picking an opponent and proponent at random, Cheryl Lowe says: Macrons in most texts are too dark and create a distracting ...
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26 votes
10 answers

How can I type macrons?

I'd like to type macrons on (OS X | Windows | Ubuntu | other), but my keyboard doesn't have an ā key. How can I add macrons to my vowels? I don't want to copy them from this strangely convenient list:...
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