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What about the sister languages of Latin: Faliscan, Umbrian, and Oscan?

Should questions about other Italic Languages that are closely related to Latin like Faliscan, Umbrian, and Oscan be on-topic?
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Why are there questions about the Greek language on here?

I'm curious to see so many Greek language questions on the main page. Has this site changed from "Latin Language SE" to "Classical Languages SE" and if so why hasn't this been reflected in the site ...
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Why don't we rename this SE to Classics or Classical Languages?

Some other topics (Etruscan, older Greek, other ancient Italic languages) support Latin and share the same enthusiasts. We are happy to include them, but not unconditionally. I first propounded ...
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How would the Latin.SE community feel about opening the site up to further classic languages?

About a week ago changes were introduced to the Area 51 process which effectively make it much harder for site proposals to proceed to the beta stage. This includes the Greek proposal, which was just ...
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Policy on Greek questions

Our community's attitude towards Greek has changed since we started out, and it is time to reflect that in our scope. Below is a suggestion for a new policy on Greek on our site. Any comments and ...
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Should Latin Stack Exchange be renamed to Classics Stack Exchange?

Presently, Latin Stack Exchange is the place to go for questions regarding the Graeco-Roman world. According to this Meta answer, Latin SE also accepts questions on Ancient Greek. My suggestion thus ...
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Could this question on Latin's transformation into Romance languages be narrowed and made in-scope?

This question was just recently closed as off-topic: When and why did Latin mutate into Italian, French and Spanish? I think the 'too broad' closure was appropriate. In terms of defining the scope ...
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What should be our scope?

We have help pages to explain what is on-topic and what is off-topic. Both of them are essentially empty at this point — they contain no information specific to our site. We should fill out ...
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What should we do with low-quality etymology questions?

First: "Low quality" is subjective, and the usage in this question is based on my personal opinion. The community and every member thereof is free to agree or disagree on this judgement. I stress that ...
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Answering off-topic questions

Recently, this off-topic question regarding Hebrew grammar was posted to our site. Although I think I can give a useful answer to this question, I have not done so, because the question is blatantly ...
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