The sole purpose of this question is to provide you with a testing ground for formatting. Feel free to post an answer below to test anything like links, pictures, subtitles, tables, or quotes.

See also the formatting help page.

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This answer contains samples of different formatting options. To see how something is done, simply click the "edit" button under this answer and copy the code from there. Please do not edit this question for testing purposes. Instead, copy things from here and post a separate answer to test. If you want an example of something here, please ask in a comment.

The editor has many tools. Try them out below in your own answer!

Header level 1

Header level 2

Header level 3

Header level 4

Header level 5
Header level 6

If you really need six levels of titles and subtitles, you are not writing a Q&A post.

Some but not all HTML tags and entities work…

Quote with two paragraphs:

Some text.

Some more text. Note the > starting the empty line. If you remove it, you get two separate quote boxes.

Spoiler (content shown only when you click or tap):

Hector dies.

Derivation examples From noun From verb From adjective
To noun navis > navicula canere > cantor audax > audacia
To verb laus > laudare edere > esurire novus > novare
To adjective aurum > aureus audere > audax fessus > fessulus

See separate pages for inserting a macron or a breve.

Two ways of creating links are above. The target addresses can be given

  1. as a list at the end (macron example) or
  2. immediately withing the text (breve example).

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