I have some questions of the following types:

  • English to Latin translation
  • Latin to English translation
  • Homework questions

What's the best way to ask these sorts of questions here?

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This is not a translation service. It's also not a "do your homework for you" service. It is, however, a question and answer site for students of Latin, from beginners to experts.

So how can you ask translation and homework-related questions? The key is to show your work.

That means:

  • Try to figure out the answer yourself.
  • Explain why you were unable to get a satisfactory answer on your own.

Research effort

The first step is doing your own research. Here are a few tips.

For translation questions, use the following resources to try to identify the best words that would meet your needs:

For other types of questions, consider checking:


After having done your research, explain why it did not answer your question. Tell us:

  • which resources you checked
  • what you found in each one
  • what you still hope to learn


Homework and translation questions are welcome here, but we expect you to:

  • Demonstrate that you have researched your question, and
  • Explain why your research still leaves you with a question

If you follow these guidelines, your question will be more likely to attract upvotes, and less likely to be closed.


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